Saint Paul, MN

It was such a great experience working with Lisa. She made a horrible experience to easy and painless. If I get in to another accident ( I hope not ) I will be back.

By Richard D.
Saint Paul, MN

Lisa and her team are extraordinary. We recently had some work done on one of our vehicles, and we couldn't be happier.

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By Brent W.
Saint Paul, MN

I had a car that needed to be repaired, and Roering Auto Body repaired it. I have used them several times, and every time they have done a great job. I like the Roerings and I would use them again.

By J. and G. S.
Saint Paul, MN

Roering Auto Body was very upfront about letting us know what it was going to cost. They gave us a range of costs, but would not go ahead with anything until they could look at the job. It was nice because they estimated a little higher than the cost actually was. The insurance covered most of it.

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